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Hello! I’m Angie ūüôā

I started this blog in July 2015 after our son Mark was diagnosed with autism, which was followed by our genetic diagnosis, SCN2A. I thought it would be a place where I rose above the shallows of grief and sadness, and shared a positive perspective and could happily hand out resources like Halloween candy. I wanted it to be filled with pretty pictures and light and airy anecdotes that I’ve grown to admire about other blogs. And that is not what this blog has turned out to be.

Instead, it’s become my therapeutic way to share the truth about our experience while still celebrating and recognizing the goodness in our lives.

Some previous posts are here, Her Brother, Mighty, ¬†Grasping at Straws,¬†I’m Afraid, and here,¬†I can’t but He can

I was given the opportunity to write a guest blog post on a popular local blog. My advocacy post about SCN2A can be found here, What Are the Odds? Raising Awareness for the SCN2A Gene Mutation

So here’s a little information that I hope will be helpful in getting to know me and my family.

After dating for six years we got married…


Pic from our best friends wedding, since I hate my own wedding photos.

Five years later, after finishing my master’s degree, we decided to start a family.


Meet the B e a n



blog-copy-3 blog-copy-4

Then another blessing ¬†came along…



Meet M i g h t y




After spending over a year building our house in our hometown of Boonsboro, it became very clear that something wasn’t right with Mark. After several trips to Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, MD we were given an autism diagnosis followed by even more testing. Eventually, we found our answer in the form of a genetic disorder known as SCN2A. Since the diagnosis, we have spent our time participating in research, fundraising,and networking in hopes of moving one step closer to a cure.

For the full version of our story, please read Our Journey


We have said from the beginning that we have two goals, to love our kids where they are, and to do everything in our power to help them both reach their potential, so here we are!

Welcome to Mighty and the Bean!


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