Early Achievements

Mark began his program of the beginning of July. I have poured hours into figuring out how we are going to drive him to his program that was an hour and fifteen minutes away in Odenton, MD. Thankfully we have family that love and support us through multiple ways, one being driving. We established a plan that would involve four of us taking a turn each week to make the three hour round trip with Mark. My dad would take him on Mondays, Ike on Tuesdays, Me on Wednesdays and for the rest of the summer, it will be my sister on Thursdays until she goes to college in the fall. Her boyfriend, Jacob, will be Mark’s chauffeur in her place. The adage “it takes a village” has certainly taken on a new meaning for us.


Mark’s first couple of weeks have been filled with lots of tears, so much so that I question if this was a good idea or not, but we had a guided observation during the second week and the speech pathologist that narrated their idea explained that there was a little girl in the class that the previous year, when she started the program cried every day for the entire six weeks but seeing her now, you would have never known. She’s happy, well adjusted and seems to know the drill of the program, changing from station to station effortlessly, while Mark melts down nearby.


Mark completed the Early Achievements program, attending from July 2015 to August 2016. He then moved on to the Achievements class in September 2016.